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Why infant covers are important to protect the health of a newborn


There are approximately 6700 newborn deaths every day in 2020, amounting to 47 percent of all child deaths under the age of 5 years, up from 40 percent in 1990.

As per World Health Organization (WHO), in 2020 globally 2.4 million children died in the first month of their life. There are approximately 6700 newborn deaths every day, amounting to 47 percent of all child deaths under the age of 5 years, up from 40 percent in 1990.

Researchers say 1 in 6 families is billed for more than $5,000 in medical costs after the birth of a child. Out-of-pocket expenses for childbirth can exceed $10,000 even for new parents who have health insurance, a new study reports. With these rising and unaffordable healthcare expenses, the lives of mothers and their babies are at risk. The way ahead is affordable health insurance coverage for infants and mothers.

Newborn baby health insurance offers complete financial safety by covering the insured for healthcare needs related to hospitalization and other expenses including pre and post-natal care, modern daycare procedures, ambulance charges, etc.

While having a baby can be an exciting phase for a couple, it is equally important to be financially prepared. Conventional retail covers are not equipped for covering a newborn from day 1 as are group health insurance covers. Known as Baby Day 1 covers, a company can opt for a maternity policy that includes a family sum insured plan to ensure that a newborn is covered from birth. In retail policies, newborns can be covered 90 days after birth.

As per a recent report, India has 1/5th of the world’s preterm babies and this can increase the cost burden if the parents are not adequately covered. Further, in cases of delayed pregnancies, the number of preterm birth issues are increasing which makes it all the more important for the parents to have corporate covers for the baby immediately after its birth


Source : Financial Express

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